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American Theatre for the Very Young Digital Festival Launches!




Video recordings of performances for children between 0 and 6 years of age have been selected for the official launch of American Theatre for the Very Young: A Digital Festival.  Premiering on March 1, 2018, on Vimeo, the site brings together 11 pieces representing a wide variety of styles by theatre professionals in eight states. Featured, in alphabetical order:


“Babywild” by Spellbound Theatre (New York)

“Balloonacy” by Children’s Theatre Company (Minnesota)

“By the Seashore” by Arts on the Horizon (Virginia)

“The Caterpillar’s Footprint” by Kerfuffle (Nebraska)

“Chicken Story Time” by Pollyanna Theatre Company (Texas)

“Ruff” by Spinning Dot Theatre (Michigan)

“Snow Day” by Arts on the Horizon (Virginia)

“Squirrel Stole My Underpants” by The Gottabees (Massachusetts)

“There Is a Cowboy in the Kitchen” by Trike Theatre (Arkansas)

“Wink” by Spellbound Theatre (New York)

“wonderwander” by Kerfuffle (Nebraska)


The Festival may be accessed at http://vimeopro.com/atvydigitalfestival/festival. Enter the password TVYDIGFEST.

According to Festival Founder and co-chair Sandra Fenichel Asher, “There’s been a concern among American artists creating work for the very young that they rarely get to see one another’s performances.  In places like Scotland and Denmark, artists regularly do just that, but our companies are far more widespread. The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America saw merit in my proposal of a digital festival and has helped fund its development.  Co-chair John Newman and Steering Committee members Judy Matetzschk-Campbell, Bethany Lynn Corey, Stacy Steyaert, and Isaac Walters dove in with me, along with the talented and generous theatre professionals who submitted their work for review. The Digital Festival is an opportunity for everyone interested in theatre for the very young to learn from, challenge, and inspire one another.”  


After the March 1 launch, additional video recordings may be submitted for consideration on a rolling basis.  Participating companies are responsible for all recording costs, and all rights remain with the originating companies.  There is no fee to participate in the Festival, no remuneration to participants, and no charge to view the Festival on-line.   Recordings cannot be copied, downloaded, or altered on the site.


For complete guidelines, an application, or questions, contact sandyasher@gmail.com



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