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Denmark: Aprilfestival 2017

From our friends in Denmark:

Dear friends and colleagues, presenters, promoters, artists and administrators,

Teatercentrum is happy to announce the 47th edition of

APRILFESTIVAL,  23– 30 April in Sønderborg (Sonderborg) (South-west part of Denmark, 3,5 hours by train from Copenhagen or 30 minutes by domestic flight).

Save the dates!!

We’re still working on the program, but on the web www.info.aprilfestival.dk  you will find some information. As usual a great number of Danish companies will perform.

In addition to the very many Danish shows, there will be 2-4 international shows and a number of workshops/seminars and social gatherings.

Go to www.info.aprilfestival.dk/sign-up-for-our-international-network.asp and sign in (if you haven’t already done this). You will then be updated with the latest news and priority bookings.

There are no obligations connected to the registration. It will just help us get an overview of the possible need of transport and lodging. And in a couple of weeks you can book a delegate package and hotel room or holiday resort house from the website. Go to http://www.info.aprilfestival.dk/delegate_package.asp

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Manscher.

The Teatercentrum team is looking forward to welcoming you at the festival!

Best regards,

Peter Manscher

Konsulent/ Intl. Co-ordinator


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