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The Emerging Leader in TYA Fellowship (New for 2017/2018!)

The application deadline for the 2017/2018 Fellowship Cycle has passed. Applications will be accepted for the next cycle in the Fall of 2018.


Who: Emerging leaders – artists, educators, administrators, university faculty and students working or studying in the field of TYA (Individuals who have been working or studying in the field for 5 years or fewer; Applicants must be a current TYA/USA members to apply).

What:  The opportunity to travel domestically to connect with an inspiring mentor or organization, and see their work in practice. Fellows expand their leadership potential by engaging with individuals or organizations they admire across the TYA field.

How It Works: Applicants submit a proposal for a research and discovery trip that will offer the opportunity to connect with an individual or organization whose work they admire. Proposals may include meetings with practitioners, observation of work in action or other possible activities.

Award: TYA/USA will award (1) fellowship for domestic travel, research and discovery (up to $1,000).Complimentary Registration for the 2018 Spark Sessions Pre-Conference at the IPAY Showcase in Philadelphia (January 23, 2018)

Application Details

TYA/USA Emerging Leader in TYA Fellowships are designed to serve students or early career professionals in the TYA/USA membership with professional development through opportunities to explore, travel and seek mentorship in the national field of TYA. Eligible members include those individuals who have recently entered the field (either in a course of study, or working in the field professionally for 5 years or under). 

We will be funding one project for 2018:
$1,000 for travel within the United States to at least one TYA Member Organization

Application Requirements

All materials must be submitted through the link above. 
A complete application includes:

– Application form 
– A one page narrative of the proposed project
– A current resume (2 pages max)
– A letter of Recommendation 

If your proposal is selected, you will need to provide a written report and expense documentation before receiving reimbursement. The report will include a 50-word excerpt summarizing your entire experience or one unique moment that we can use to tell others about the Fellowship. Photos or video documentation is encouraged. You will also have the opportunity to write about your experience for TYA Today Online.

Travel and final reports must be completed by December 15, 2018.

All applications must include a one page narrative that clearly and succinctly describes the purpose of the Fellowship. Please include at the top of the page:

1) Name of Applicant
2) Name of TYA Member Organization(s) to visit 

The Emerging Leader in TYA Fellowship seeks to promote proposals that:

1) Support the career development of early career and emerging theatre artists, students and administrators committed to theatre for young audiences.

2) Connect the fellow with opportunities or connections that are made possible because of this award and the support of TYA/USA.

Use the narrative to address any of the above objectives that apply.