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The Header

What is the Organization Listing page?

All member organizations will be featured in profile photo grids in alphabetical order. Note that any use of “The” at the beginning of Display Names will be filed under “T.” Members who are included in their organization’s membership will be listed in their organization’s profile.


What is the Individual Listing page?

All members who are not a part of an organization’s membership are listed here in alphabetical order by first name.


What is the Library Listing page?

All members who identify as Library Organization members are listed here in alphabetical order. This page is a good place to see which libraries subscribe to TYA Today Magazine.


What is the Trends page?

A place for statistics and other facts about our overall membership.


What is the Bonus Materials page?

A space for members-only content such as links to past issues of MARQUEE, limited-time links to Professional Development Webinar videos, etc.


How do I get my organization’s photo featured on the MARQUEE home page?

We will periodically go through the photos posted within the member profiles to choose new photos to add to the home page. Some photos work better than others. If we are interested, we will contact you for production and photo credits and if we need a higher resolution version.



MARQUEE vs. The TYA/USA Member Center

What is the difference between Marquee and the TYA/USA Member Center?

MARQUEE is an online database filled with valuable contact, organizational, and season information about our member organizations and individuals. While the new MARQUEE has replaced the online directory we launched through our Member Center powered by MemberClicks, it does not altogether replace MemberClicks. We will still be using the service for new members and renewals, tracking member expiration dates, and other important statistics.


Will there be a PRINT version of MARQUEE?

Yes. In addition to the website, a text-only edition will be available for download to print or use on personal devices. If you’d like a professionally printed and bound edition, you will be able to pay a TBD fee and we will send you one through a leading print-on-demand service. The download and purchase buttons can be found on the About page. Note: While the website will be a living, evolving creature, this print edition will be “locked” at the end of each summer to preserve our member listings and season info. Note that it will be updated to add new members during a given academic year/season. Expiring members will not be removed from the print edition, but will not be added to the following year’s edition until they renew.

The current plan for the print edition is to release it this coming Fall for the 2015-16 season. This summer, we will send out a request for our organizations to update their Current Season information, and we will create the document once the information is gathered.



Is there a way to renew my membership through MARQUEE?

No. This must still be done through logging into your MemberClicks profile where you can pay online or request an invoice to include with your mailed check. Each MARQUEE profile notes your organizational or individual membership expiration date which only you can see.


What happens to my MARQUEE access when my TYA/USA membership expires?

We will give you some time to renew your membership after it expires before we delete your profile and log-in credentials. If you renew after we’ve deleted your information, we will set you back up, but you will be responsible for adding and updating all information. While members may be removed from the web directory, you will remain a part the print version for that academic year/season.


What do I need to keep updated in my MemberClicks profile?

The most important information in that profile is your name, mailing address, and email, which you may update yourself or contact us for assistance. All description/bio info, organizational statistics and season information should be updated in MARQUEE as needed. We will not be monitoring MemberClicks for updated descriptive and statistical information to add to MARQUEE.




My Profile

How do I edit my profile?

Click the “Edit Profile” button beneath your name and profile photo. Update the appropriate fields. We ask that you include as much information as you can to make MARQUEE a success, though we realize some fields might not apply to you or you might not wish to disclose certain information. Any field left blank will not show up at all in your profile view.


What’s the difference between an organizational profile and an individual profile?

Individual profiles are for members not affiliated with an organization. Having these profiles allows individuals to log in as well as be represented in MARQUEE. They are limited to social media links, contact info, and a Description section where members may share a bio and other links. Organizational profiles are for member organizations and include more in depth information such as educational programs and season information. All individual members within an organization must use the organizational log-in credentials to view MARQUEE. These members have their own space to share bio and other information. Members of organizations do not have their own individual profiles or log in credentials.


Individuals, if you are affiliated with an organization, consider sharing your organization and title as part of your description field to help everyone get to know each other better and connect.


Do I have to be listed or share my email?

All organizations will be listed. Please update your Primary Contact information to the method you prefer our members to use.

Individual members must have a profile in order to access MARQUEE. However, you do not have to provide an email for members to contact you. By default, when we set up your profile, we removed your email. If you want members to be able to contact you, please provide the email you wish them to use. It does not have to be the same as your username email. UPDATE: 10-1-15: This summer, we’ve defaulted to include the emails of new members. This helps with password recovery. You may remove it yourself by clicking the Edit Profile button.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can change your Display Name to “Anonymous” + the digital day, month and year of your birthday (or other significant date) to lessen the chance of duplicate URLs. Example: “Anonymous022785.”


Do I have to list my address?

We ask that our member organizations provide their public mailing or producing address. Individual members do not have to provide their address, though listing your city and state would be a good way to help our members reach out to others in particular regions.


Can I change my username and password?

You may change your password at the bottom of the edit page. Usernames cannot be changed.


Are you sure my username can’t be changed?

If you really (really) want your username changed, we will delete your account and create a new one with your chosen username. We will not include any information in your profile and you will be responsible for everything.


How do I add social media icons?

Add links to the appropriate fields. If a service you use is not supported by a field, you can link to it in the Description field.


Can I change the Primary Contact (Organizations)?

Yes. Profiles were created with the TYA/USA Primary Contact, but they may be changed to a general contact email, another member, or a non-member employee or volunteer. Whoever you’d prefer our membership to contact.


What are the statistics in the At a Glance section used for?

In general, we feel this information is valuable to our membership. Once updated, we will use it to create a Trends report to provide a snapshot of our organization and field.


Can I post Media in my Profile?

Yes, you may post up to 5 photos and captions. For videos, paste the embed codes into the video field. You may add as many codes as you wish.




Searching For & Contacting Members

How do I search for members in MARQUEE?

You may search for organizations and individuals by name in their respective directories. Unfortunately, at this time you cannot search for individuals by name who are part of an organization. In the future, we’d like to expand search functionality to include keywords within profiles (we tried that once and the internet got angry). Other methods of searching and grouping members are in the works.


Can I send a mass message to the entire membership through MARQUEE?

No, MARQUEE does not support this function.


Can I contact individual members through MARQUEE?

Yes, through their provided email and social media links, but not through the site itself.


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