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Bethany Lynn Corey


Bethany Lynn Corey (Creator/artistic director at Spark! Theatre and Early Learners Manager at Thinkery in Austin, TX) traveled to Singapore to observe part of Patch Theatre Company’s Asia-link residency at the Esplanade Theatre to research the process of transitioning visual theatre-making for young audiences into a new cultural context. She sought to gain an understanding of how a visual theatre piece, which transcends traditional language barriers, would shift in being remounted within a different country. She observed rehearsals and spoke with the Singaporean creative team for mOOn ballOOn as well as researching Singaporean history, culture, artistry and views on children. She spent time observing drama programming in schools, watching Theatre for Young Audience performances, sitting in on theatre rehearsals for a number of upcoming shows, and talking to Singaporeans about culture, children, education, and art.

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