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TYA Today Magazine

TYA Today is a nationally and internationally respected magazine for the field of theatre for young people. Published semi-annually, TYA Today offers insightful articles about current issues affecting theatre professionals; editorials; and book reviews.

Committed to expanding and strengthening the field of theatre for youth, TYA Today strives to highlight the diversity of the work and the communities served on a national and international scope.

TYA Today is distributed to members, organizations, theatres, and libraries across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and The District of Columbia. A subscription is available through membership to TYA/USA.

Additional print copies of the current issue are available to everyone for $15 while supplies last.

View the TYA Today archive where you can link to each issue’s table of contents as well as purchase print copies (subject to availability).


TYA Today Online

TYA Today Online was launched in 2007 as The Next Blog in conjunction with the ASSITEJ Next Generation Program in the months leading up to the 16th World Congress of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences in Adelaide, Australia in 2008. Ernie Nolan served the first Managing Editor. In the years following, the site continued to be a vital forum for articles, advice, and networking, igniting interesting and provocative conversations on what is now AND next.

In 2013, the editors re-branded the site as The TYA Blog and created a new format for exploring topics. Every other month started with a post about a hot topic in professional theatre for young audiences to ignite conversation: topics that make us think and ponder; that are inspiring and challenging; that make us scream and shout. Then smart, provocative, and amazing theatre professionals in our organization were invited to join the conversation.

In March of 2017, the site re-launched as TYA Today Online to solidify its relationship with the print magazine. The site continues the topics explored over the years while also expanding and exploring themes and issues covered in TYA Today and more–and in a more professional and welcoming atmosphere. We hope that the new site opens conversations up to an even broader audience of members and readers with the hope of expanding our collective understanding of these timely and meaningful topics.



TYA/USA Bookstore

TYA/USA continues its book publishing imprint TYA Press with the release of Young Playwrights for Change: a ‘What is Family?’ Play Anthology featuring the seventeen regional winners in the second year of Young Playwrights for Change, a collaborative program with AATE. We have our sights on future publications. Watch this space for more!

You can also shop our Amazon store for books reviewed in TYA Today as well as titles by and about TYA/USA members and other related publications.


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